During summer breaks, it is a great opportunity to learn the Japanese language in a relaxed atmosphere. The Summer Camp is open to the public. The five hour sessions consist of language study class for each level as well as cultural experience through art, crafts and cooking. The content of the program will differ depending on the needs of each group. All groups will participate in the “Japanese hospitality with Japanese food” party on the last date of the camp. This is an opportunity to show appreciation for the parents.

For this year’s summer camp, we have chosen a theme “Power of support from little hands.” We have chosen a craft theme for the purpose of sending them to the Japan Earthquake charity. Some examples are: Kazari musubi (knot), clay modeling, festival decoration, Japanese food/sweets, cooking, coloring Japanese paper, chopstick cases and rest, lantern, paper cutout, Japanese calligraphy, picture letter, etc.

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