Education philosophy and mission statement

cynthiaWe aim to create a rich and safe environment for all children as we nurture their independent and creative spirits.
We dedicate our efforts to encourage and support each individual child’s abilities while nurturing independence.

Bilingual and bicultural education is promoted through practicing effective communication.
Cultural differences are often blocks to understanding. For example, it is difficult for children who grow up
in the American culture to express their feelings in the “Japanese way.”
There are many difficulties in translating some expressions. By promoting cultural education through different modalities,
a student will learn to cross the cultural gap and become truly bilingual.

We treat each student as unique individuals without having the border of language and culture.
Through effective communication between teachers, parents and students, we strive to foster a fervor for learning.
Each student is encouraged to share his/her own abilities and interests in areas such as the arts and music which
serve as learning materials for promoting proficiency in Japanese.
It is our hope that each student who has studied with us will be able to share their skills
and knowledge and be able to be vibrant members of society.

Cynthia Hara 

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