Class Arrange:

Classes are separated by age and Japanese experience. We have classes ranging from Beginner Japanese to Advanced Japanese. 
The youngest students join our Mommy & Me class, starting from ages 0 – 3 years. This is not just a regular Mommy & Me class, but one that focuses on Early Childhood Brain Training. We also have classes for students in Pre-school to high school & College as well as Adults. We have two main courses: one that focuses on Japanese Conversation and Culture and one that focuses on the Japanese Proficiency Official Test. The class for Japanese Proficiency may be taken after completing the basic and intermediate classes. Deciding what your goals are in Japanese will help you improve the most. Class sizes are usually restricted to six people. Our English based textbook has many tips and useful information for first time Japanese learners.

Early Education
At Orange Gakuen, bilingual experience is part of our Mommy and Me and Donguri Club classes.

As an adult, we can only think in the first language we have learned. Although a child can pick up a second language very easily there is usually only a limited time for the brain to learn it. One of the reasons why Japanese is difficult for English speakers is because the frequency of the language is different. Until a child is two years old, this is very easy. A child can pick up a language easily until about three years old at which time, the left and right sides of the brain connect.

The best chance of becoming bilingual is before the age of three.
As we get older, it is increasingly harder to learn new languages because of how the brain works.
Newborn till preschool age is the best period of time for beginning new languages.
A child's enthusiasm and joy for learning in these early years facilitate active learning as he/she prepares for kindergarten.

Our Mommy and me Nousagi classes are brain development centered.
At the next level class, the Donguri Club, a child learns independently from the mother.

Lets work hard to become bilingual!

Class for K-G12 College & Adults beginner ~ Advanced 

We are providing official Japanese Proficiency Test class
We have Official Japanese Proficiency test for every first Sunday of December at USC for our area by Japan foundation. They are 5 levels of test. Our Proficiency class start at G5 ~ G12. Also we have college and adults class preparation for test. 

Skype classes
Skype lesson are becoming more popular. We offer full classes via skype, or we are able to combine Skype and classroom sessions.

Class Fees:

Our current tuition system is one class per week, 90 minutes a class.
Tuition for a four session, once a week class is $120 per month.
Mommy & Me NOUSAGI Club:  1/Week $80.
Pre-School students Class DONGURI Club:  2/week $200.
Japanese proficiency Test Class: 1/week $140,  2/week $200.
Our private lessons at $50 per hour.
Registration fee: $100
Activity fee is $30 per year.
We also have $10 discounts for families with siblings.

Registration & Free trial lesson:

First, please make an appointment to schedule your free trial lesson. During the free trial,
we will discuss your goals and assess your Japanese background so that we may decide the best class for the student.

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